NPC 10: A Pair of Poodles


These cute little poodles playing with ball originated as a filet lace design charted in a French needlework magazine from the 1920's.

I adapted the design to make two different charts - A Single Poodle and A Pair of Poodles.  You can purchase each chart singly, or the pair of charts at a discount price.

Each designs fits a Clippy Cover Girl bag sleeve and you could make one for each side of the bag. Alternatively they would make a charming pair of cushions. 

This particular Pair of Poodles design is slightly finer work than the single poodle design, and is worked on a 10 Count canvas. I suggest working this in a simple tent stitch which works better with this size of canvas. This stitch is explained in the downloaded materials. 

If you are going to make this design for a Clippy bag there is no need to stitch the background. I left it blank and inserted some bright spotted felt (from a craft shop) and added some pretty ribbons. 

You could change the background to a plain colour or a gingham material. I also think that the poodle could be accessorized further with a diamante button for an eye and maybe a sparkly collar!  You could also change the colours of the dogs to match your own. Or maybe colour the poodles in pastel shades!

You can download the chart to work this design by clicking on the link below. The chart comes with instructions for working the design and making it the correct size to fit the Clippy bag sleeve.

This design is  also suitable for complete beginners who have never worked any needlepoint before. 


NPD2: A Pair of Poodles Chart Download

Price 3 


NPD3:  A Single Poodle and a Pair of Poodles Combined Charts Download

Price 4.50