NPC8: The Sampler 

For hundreds of years young girls and women have stitched samplers as examples of their needlework skills. We have now created this set of sampler inserts so you can create your own portable heirloom sampler to carry around with you!

Each of the motifs have been especially designed to fit into the pockets of a Clippy Bag. A large 24 pocket bag (like the one pictured) would make a wonderful workbag for your latest needlework or crafts project, or to act as a toy bag for a child. The 12 or 18 pocket bags make very practical 'everyday' bags and the motifs look equally stunning in these bags. Click here to see the 18 bag.

Alternatively you could stitch a set of 9 or 12 of the designs on fabric canvas to make an individual or pair of cushions.

We have designed 24 motifs in all, to enable you to choose your favourites to stitch, or to use them all to fill all the pockets of the 24 pocket bag.

The motifs are stitched on 10 count plastic canvas in tent stitch. The background does not need to be stitched, so these designs are very quick to make and are very suitable for a beginner to needlepoint. The small size of the panels make them also easy for children to hold whilst stitching and children love stitching these designs themselves. 


We have stitched the motifs in a neutral colour with a sophisticated blue background for an adult to use, but you could make the motifs in primary colours as a present for a child, or make the motifs in one colour and have a patchwork of different coloured and patterned backgrounds (one in each sleeve) for a really original 'shabby chic' effect.

Or try making the motifs in traditional sampler red, with a pale stitched background, as we have done with the house motif here. If you add in a stitched background the motifs could be made into badges or panels to be stitched onto bags, patchwork quilts or used on any of your needlework projects.

The possibilities are endless for these lovely, traditional motifs!

Each motif measures 8.5cm ( 3.4 inches) x 10.5cm ( 4.2 inches) and fits the small pockets on any of the Clippy bags

The motifs that have been used in this sampler have been based on traditional designs that have been used in antique samplers from the 18th and 19th centuries. Samplers often reflect the life of the period during which they were worked. 

Houses, family members, gardens and nature were well represented in samplers. 

For instance the motif on the left shows a large pot holding an orange tree. In stately  homes these pots were kept in 'orangeries' ( a sort of greenhouse) to protect the plants from the winter frosts, and brought outside in the summer.

Birds, flowers, trees and animals (wild and domestic) are often seen in samplers. We have included a peacock (seen here) a wild hare and the family cat and dog. 

Religious and mythological motifs and verses were very popular. The 'tree of life' seen on the left was a recurring motif. And doves traditionally represent peace and the Holy Spirit. And of course winged cupid with his arrow depicts love.

Pattern repeats were included as a way of practising edgings for domestic linens. And the contents of home (our teapot and cup for instance) appear occasionally on samplers. Of course most samplers include letters and numbers, and many include the date that the sampler was worked. We have not included a name here, but you could sign your sampler with your initials for a truly personal touch.

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