NPC6: Kneeling Cherub Lace Cushion


This charming little cherub is a traditional French design which I have seen on many old pieces of needlework over the years, either as a piece of filet crochet, or as a motif on an old lace curtain. I have adapted it here to create a cute little cushion with a lace border. 

We offer two options for stitching this cushion-

Two Colours - as above, a simple but stylish treatment of the design using one colour for the design and one for the background.

Four Colours - as with the Single Rose Cushion it would be possible to create a layered effect by the use of one colour for the design (here it is cream) plus 3 shades another colour for the background, to create the effect of a lace mat resting on a darker background. In the download below we include charts and instructions for stitching both the two colour and four colour versions. 

The cushion has been worked on 10 count fabric canvas in cross stitch for the main design and tent stitch for the background. Both stitches are explained in the download.

The central panel measures approximately 8 inches (20cm) square and we have added a plain border to make the cushion 10.5 inches (27cm) square.  

It would also be possible to make this cushion into a large pincushion, or a charming 'ring cushion' for weddings by not stitching the plain border and by folding over the 'lace' part of the design to form the sides of the cushion. As a wedding cushion I would also remove the fruit from the bowl and replace them with the initials of the happy couple, to make a lovely keepsake of the day.

Full instructions and a chart to copy are all included in the download.

This design has also been adapted to make the Kneeling Cherub Panel for a Clippy bag. If you wish to purchase both at the same time they are available at a discount price below.


NPC6: Kneeling Cherub Lace Cushion Charts Download

Price 3.50

NPC21: Kneeling Cherub Cushion and Panel Charts Download

Price 4.50