NPC 22: Rose Bowl Panel


A lovely classical design, featuring a bowl of roses, with rococo swirls of ornamentation, adapted from a French ladies needlework magazine dated November 1859.

This panel has been designed to fit neatly into the sleeve of a Clippy Cover Girl Bag, but of course it could be used in a variety of decorative projects. 

This particular design is worked on a 10 Count plastic canvas, in tent stitch. This stitch is explained in the download below. 

The panel measures 22cm (8.6 inches) by 29.5cm (11.7inches).

These single colour designs are extremely easy and quick to work and so are very suitable for complete beginners. There is no background to be stitched, just the central motif and so a design like this can be completed in a few evenings. 

Once the design is finished a coloured sheet of card, material or foam is placed behind the canvas to provide the contrasting colour. You can change these sheets from time to time to suit your mood or to match your outfit. It is also fun to decorate the finished needlework further by stitching pieces of old lace, buttons, or other accessories to the canvas, to make your own original work of art!

The download below contains a chart to follow and full instructions for making this item. The Clippy bag  and plastic canvas are not included in the download, but can be purchased from our shop.


NPC22: Rose Bowl Panel Chart Download

Price 3.00

NPC23: Rose Bowl Cushion  and Panel Combined Chart Download

Price 4.00